What is the most suitable van for you? – Ask Ari

Hello, hello, hello – I am back with yet another discovery.

Ari continues to rock and shock and I am here with another update.

Are you a van man? (It is so cool when I make it rhyme). But seriously, are you?

If yes, then you don’t have to go through the tedious process of visiting dealerships and listen to their stories. Obviously, you will want the best van out there. In order to do that, you will have to browse through hundreds of options passing through many filters. Who wants that?

To get the best van out there, you can do one thing: ask Ari to assist.

When you type “can you show me best van?” or a similar phrase, Ari like always will bring the best possible result for you. She won’t display a long list. She thinks it is better if she presents the number one selection on that particular day.

Ari uses advance algorithms, her experience and knowledge, more importantly her passion and love for cars to bring you the best of the best. I mentioned earlier that iCar Asia has introduced a real time data and marketing tool called iCar Data.

The first of its kind tool supports Ari make even better decisions when it comes to cars. All in all, you can trust Ari. When she recommends something you can take it to the bank. It is scary how right she is, all the time.

We should be glad that Ari is on our side, if she were to turn over to Decepticons, it would be chaos.

Are you loving these new features Ari is quickly learning? Do you want some new features? You can drop us a line at ari@icarasia.com – trust me, she reads each and every single email you send. Talk to her, she is listening. :)