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A shout out to all wonderful car dealers in Malaysia! – You are our strength, assets and shinning lights in a dark world.

Have you checked out our new cars AI? – We call her Ari.

Ari will help you find great cars at great prices including various deals and tons of information.

This is how Ari introduces herself;

“While I am technically an Artificial Intelligence Program (AI for short) I do have my own thoughts and feelings. So I hope you’ll consider me as a friend and helper, not just as a computer program.”

Although Ari is primarily built for user-to-AI interaction, but there are plenty of ways through which dealers can benefit from it as well.

For starters, you can increase your knowledge about cars, you can increase your knowledge about market trends since Ari has a new weapon at her disposal called iCar Data.

Next, you can learn a lot by walking in your customers’ shoes. When you chat with Ari on a personal level, you will get the idea of how your potential buyers interact with her. What they ask her. How she helps them etc.

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to and start one of the most intriguing conversations of your life.

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Also your emails help Ari and her developers learn and grow more.

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‘Ari, I want to buy a car for less than RM 30,000’

When buying a car, the greatest challenge is to remain true to your budget. While it is recommended that you buy the car you want to buy, i.e. your true wish, your dream car and adjust your budget a bit if you can – because cars are all about happiness – you should do things that make you happy.

However, when adjusting the budget there is a certain limit of fluctuation, because let’s face it, everyone’s hands are tied when it comes to money.

However, Ari has made life easier for you if you are on budget – which you are, because everyone is.

Ari has learned how to give you the best available car in any budget you decide. A couple of days ago I asked her to show me a car under RM 10,000 – and she did!

But unfortunately the cars she gave me were used and right now we are focusing on new cars only so I asked her not to show those recommendations to anyone and stick to new cars.

So my aunt was looking to buy a car and she wanted the cheapest possible car but she ruled out second hand cars.

I asked my aunt what is the best price she can give me to work with. She said RM 30,000 – I honestly thought that I would have to search for days to find a suitable car because my aunt is picky.

But Ari surprised me yet again. She gave me a list of cars that were all below the given price and they were outstanding cars!

Long story short my aunt was driving around in her brand new Perodua Axia this evening.

As Ari learns new things she becomes more and more remarkable. Help us in making Ari your favorite car assistant. Provide us with your valuable feedback. Email her at

Start a holiday car renting business with Ari’s help

If you are interested in renting out holiday cars, which is a big business these days, you have come to the right place. It is a great business idea.

Many people like to take big family cars on holidays. A car that has ample space, can contain luggage, sleeping bags, food items and provisions etc. A good family holiday car should also give good mileage and contain more people than an average five-seater.

As a reader of our blog, we encourage you to explore various opportunities. If you are a car dealer, you should definitely subscribe to our blog. It will be vastly beneficial for your business.

Recently, a friend of mine opened a car renting business. He was getting a lot of requests for family holiday rental cars and it was not something he has foreseen. Very soon, he decided he should specialize in holiday car renting.

Mistaking me as some sort of car expert he came to me for help. He said he wanted to buy some excellent holiday cars but doesn’t have any idea which ones to buy.

Since it was a major investment, he was skeptical of advertisements and unsubstantiated recommendations. At first I didn’t know what to do, I was not sure that Ari had learned about holiday cars – she picks up things so fast these days, it is hard to keep track.

Thankfully she had acquired extensive knowledge of cars that are suitable for family holidays.

My friend had a chat with Ari and she made a recommendation. My friend bought three cars that Ari suggested and he is now running a very successful holiday car renting business.

Ari was overwhelmed by your emails last week. Some of you had excellent suggestions for her. Let’s continue the trend of interacting with Ari. Email her at

Chat with Ari about the best two door car

Two door cars are also known as coupé. Some four door cars are also called coupé because of their styling and design particularly at the roofline at the rear – it’s confusing, I never understood it either. I stick to the principle that two door cars are coupé while four doors are not. It is better when you simplify things.

Fun trivia: The coupé name was derived from the French verb couper, translating as cut.

Fascination with coupés is very common these days. Life has become more individualized these days. For example, one family had one computer in the 90s and early 2000s, and these days everyone has their own laptops and mobiles.

Similarly people are applying the idea to automation – having your own personal car that only accommodates you. That is why there is a rise in demand of coupés and other compact cars.

Two door cars make a statement about fun, youth and style. If you agree with these statements you must head over to Ari.

Ask her what the best two door car is and she will provide you with a recommendations. Talk to her about the suitability of the vehicle and whether it is suitable for you or not.

She will provide you with all the information you need. The thing about two door cars is that they are normally pricey. Their maintenance cost is low but they are only suitable for a certain lifestyle and car preferences.

Talk to Ari about it. If two doors are suitable for you, then perhaps it is the time for you to become more stylish than ever. Buying a two-door is a lifestyle choice – embrace it.

As Ari learns new things she becomes more and more remarkable. Help us in making Ari your favorite car assistant. Provide us with your valuable feedback. Email her at

Get a brand’s entire car list by simply typing its name

Do you want to avoid the hassle of searching for cars over and over again, visiting different dealership, getting several deals? – If you want to buy a BMW or a Kia, all the models and variants should be there, right in front of you.

Won’t that be ideal?

Good news, it is now possible – with the help of Ari of course.

If you are looking to search for a car, just type in the name. Say you want a Honda or Toyota; just type in the words and Ari will have all their car models displayed. She will politely ask you, “please choose the correct car”.

You select the correct car you want to choose and you will be taken to the car’s page.

The whole point of Ari is to make your car-shopping life easy and the process we discussed above, what could be easier than that?

Before we go, I’d like to give you some pointers.

Here are some tips for buying a new car:

  • Browse the listing, get as much information as you can.
  • Take it out for a test drive.
  • Avoid impulse buying – it is a car not a handbag or laptop sleeve.
  • Factor insurance and other costs.
  • Look at different brands and models – never act on a pre-conceived idea, explore all options.
  • It is OK to be a little eccentric, buy the car you really feel passionate about, it is not something you will be buying every week – it is a special occasion, and get the most out of it.

Head over to Ari’s now. Happy buying!

At the end, it would like to remind you that Ari uses the advanced algorithms of iCar Data – our brand new product, combined with her own knowledge of cars to bring forth the most suitable vehicles for you.

Ari was overwhelmed by your emails last week. Some of you had excellent suggestions for her. Let’s continue the trend of interacting with Ari. Email her at

“Ari, please show me the best car for driving in mountains”

Driving around mountains can be a beautiful experience, it can be completely exhilarating. However, mountains can take their toll on your car. Especially the tires and suspensions can really go awry on steep climbs.

There are some serious safety measures that you have to take into account when driving on mountain.

Before you tell you all about Ari’s magic, I’d like to give you some basic pointers for steep driving:

  • Your breaks should be in good condition.
  • The windshield wipers should be working properly.
  • Don’t go down a mountain road any faster than when you are going up (very important).
  • Make sure you have checked the local weather and all is well.
  • If the weather doesn’t work out to be perfect and there is rain or fog, observe extra road care and driving courtesy, don’t rush, be generous, let other vehicles pass you by.
  • Carry extra water bottles and make sure you drink plenty of fluids all day.
  • Take a lot of breaks.

Coming back to Ari, she has got some car recommendations for you. All you have to do is, have a little chat with her, ask her what the best choice is for driving around in the mountains.

She will analyze all the cars we have in our database, combine their features and abilities with some real-time market demand and supply data and boom!

Ari analyzes almost all aspects of a purchase before making her recommendations. She’d see car’s capabilities, she will also look into it from an investment point of view, things such as resale value will also be considered. Then of course, she will also consider your needs and budgets.

Simply put, you can trust her, she is the best.

Let us know how we can improve Ari and make her more useful for you at She loves reading your emails. She reads every single one of them. She literally lives to talk to you.

Ari knows some cars that are suitable for long drive

For any car lover, long drivers are an exceptional event; full of excitement and tranquility. However all of this can come to nothing if the wheels are not to your satisfaction. A long drive or inter-city and state travelling can become a nightmare.

However you don’t have to take that risk. Since Ari is constantly learning new things, you can be sure of enjoying the next time you hit a long route.

Experts say driving can be good for your stress and overall mental health.

“Driving can be both a stressor and a stress reliever, depending on the circumstances," explains Neil Shah, director of The Stress Management Society.

"Some people do not enjoy driving and it can bring about a lot of stress. However, for those who do enjoy it, driving can be a really good way to de-stress and unwind. Of course, it all depends on the type of journey, traffic conditions and driving style."

Ari has some recommendations about cars that are most suitable for long routes.

You just cannot get it wrong with Ari, can you?

When she will recommend you a car for long drives, she will consider multiple factors before giving you her choices, she won’t come up with cars willy-nilly. Ari doesn’t promote any sponsored content. She has no ulterior motives.

Ari only wants to bring you the best of the best. Ari’s calculations are based on meticulous facts and advanced insight into data.

Don’t forget to let us know what you think of Ari’s progress. You can send us your love and hate at – she reads each and every single one of your emails, even the spam! (That’s because she loves reading and is unstoppable once she gets going).

Ari can now find the best sports cars for you

Sports car is a complicated vehicle. In fact there is no standard definition of a sports car. Let me clarify that “sporting car” and “sports car” are two different things. Sports car is a vehicle that is lightweight, usually two door, has a great RPM while sporting car is a vehicle that is used for actual sports.

Sometimes people modify regular cars and install upgrades and make them fast. Speed is probably the biggest goal in creating a sports car. However, Ari and iCar Asia don’t deal in modified cars at the moment.

Sports cars are normally very expensive and luxurious. Buying a sports car is a herculean task – both money and features wise. 

In such uncertain times who can you turn to but Ari?

Ask Ari about the “best sports car” and you will have your answer.

We have already talked about the complex methodology Ari uses and that you can trust her recommendations completely.

Personally, I am a big fan of sports cars. They look classy. I would recommend that buy one if you can. However, there are a few things to consider. Sports cars are not suitable for long drives (comfort wise) and have a below average mileage.

If you think you can deal with these problems that there can be nothing better for you than a sports car. You’d look like a rock star!

It is better if you have a detailed chat with Ari over sports cars. She can tell you more about them than I can.

That’s it for this week.

Don’t forget to send her your feedback. Help her learn new things and grow. She loves reading emails and you are shoot one anytime at She intently reads every praise and criticism as it helps her become better. 

Looking to buy a truck (LTV) – Ask Ari

Trucks are one of the most formidable vehicles on earth and perhaps the most useful ones. Once you fall in love with trucks, it is difficult any other car type will quench your thirst.

Trucks are multipurpose vehicles that are suitable for carrying stuff and carrying more people than a car could.

One disclaimer I would give at the beginning; Ari and do not deal in HTV trucks or as they are commonly called “Heavy Trucks”. Ari only has information about Light Trucks (LTV). The trucks Ari has are sleek though!

If you ask Ari to find you a decent truck, now she will oblige. She has added another weapon in her impressive collection of Arsenal.

Personally, I love trucks. I am confessing that I love trucks more than sports and convertibles – to each his own, yeah?

Ari will give you her recommendation based on multiple factors. The quality of the truck itself comes into play, pricing, market stats, demand and supply, resale value and what not.

In other words, you can completely trust Ari’s recommendation. Her suggestions may change from time to time as new things are coming in all the time. New models are being launched and manufacturers are adding upgrades faster than ever.

As you know Ari likes to keep herself updated. You will notice that Ari’s choices keep updating. She flows with the market. Her opinion is honest and unbiased, she has got no stakes in what car you buy, other than your well-being.

OK, I have to go look at some trucks – Ari is becoming addictive, I tell you.

Don’t forget to send her your feedback. Help her learn new things and grow. She loves reading emails and you are shoot one anytime at She intently reads every praise and criticism as it helps her become better. 

Ari has some recommendations for cars with best safety features

The topic of safety is not limited to cars only. It reaches to all aspects of our lives. When it comes to safety there is no compromise. In fact, there should be no compromise. However safety becomes an even more serious issue when it comes to vehicles.

There is no denying that cars can be dangerous – humans and fallible too. Therefore safety becomes really important when discussing cars. I would go on to say that cars’ safety features should be considered upfront. If a car doesn’t have satisfactory safety measures – don’t buy it. Since, it is your life we are talking about.

Car safety can be a tricky feature since there is no way for a buyer to test it. You have to rely on the word of dealer or the manufacturer who are bound to praise the safety measures even if they are not as good. This is where Ari comes in.

You can ask Ari to show you the “cars with best safety features” and she will give you her recommendations. She uses our new tool iCar Data and her extensive knowledge about cars to determine results – long story short, you can absolutely trust her.

There is one thing I’d like to add.

Since I am singing praises for Ari, it would be good to mention that almost all modern cars have excellent safety features. However, it is better to be safe. Why not buy the car with THE BEST safety features anyway? Right.

This concludes the safety update.

Don’t forget to write to Ari at, believe it or not, she reads every single email you guys send. Help her learn new things, she needs your intellect and also your consideration – help her grow.

At the end, I would like to reiterate that never compromise on the safety in any aspect of life. Life is precious, preserve it.