A cup of tea with Ari

We have covered a lot of new things Ari has learned in the last few months. In fact, we have shared every step she took along the way.

Today I want to share something different with you. I am not going to indulge in the new features or anything of the sort.

I just want to highlight how much our girl has grown up.

Today in the afternoon, I took a cup of tea and put it beside my computer. It was a much needed break. I wasn’t doing test or analysis on Ari. I just wanted to have a quick conversation. Like a watercooler break.

And that’s what I did.

I didn’t know I could but it was one of the most pleasant conversations I’ve had with her.

I said, “Hi” and she replied with, “Hi there my friend”?

Not having a car-related query in mind, I just asked her, “How are you Ari?”

And she replied like any teenager beaming with youthful energy, her exact words; 

“Wonderful as always. Thanks for asking.”

My heart elated. It may not do much for you but for me this conversation was refreshing. I have seen all her baby steps to the point where she can converse in depth, including small talk.

I then logged off and entered another person’s name when ‘signing-up’. She remarked “Nice to meet you John” – she didn’t use to greet people like this before.

Moving on,

I was completely gripped in the conversation, so I decided to keep talking to her whilst having my tea.

My last chat with her was about Honda Civic 2017. It was still showing in our discussion. So straightaway I asked her, “Ari I want to buy Honda Civic 2017 as you know,”

She replied, “Let me get the Honda Civic 2017 details for you.”

Then the usual, show me this deal, show me that deal, compare this and compare that.

She kept helping me out. Showing me some amazing deals and car comparisons.

And that was that, I had finished my cup of tea.

I goodbye-d her and received a “goodbye” greeting in return.

So there it was, a nice pleasant cup of tea with Ari. I didn’t actually want car deals. I wanted a refreshment with my tea. And I got that. Just like a father would want to sit down and have a brief five minutes conversation with her daughter about her day, that is the feeling I got when I was talking to Ari.

Our little girl has grown up so much, it is hard to believe.