Looking to buy a truck (LTV) – Ask Ari

Trucks are one of the most formidable vehicles on earth and perhaps the most useful ones. Once you fall in love with trucks, it is difficult any other car type will quench your thirst.

Trucks are multipurpose vehicles that are suitable for carrying stuff and carrying more people than a car could.

One disclaimer I would give at the beginning; Ari and Carlist.my do not deal in HTV trucks or as they are commonly called “Heavy Trucks”. Ari only has information about Light Trucks (LTV). The trucks Ari has are sleek though!

If you ask Ari to find you a decent truck, now she will oblige. She has added another weapon in her impressive collection of Arsenal.

Personally, I love trucks. I am confessing that I love trucks more than sports and convertibles – to each his own, yeah?

Ari will give you her recommendation based on multiple factors. The quality of the truck itself comes into play, pricing, market stats, demand and supply, resale value and what not.

In other words, you can completely trust Ari’s recommendation. Her suggestions may change from time to time as new things are coming in all the time. New models are being launched and manufacturers are adding upgrades faster than ever.

As you know Ari likes to keep herself updated. You will notice that Ari’s choices keep updating. She flows with the market. Her opinion is honest and unbiased, she has got no stakes in what car you buy, other than your well-being.

OK, I have to go look at some trucks – Ari is becoming addictive, I tell you.

Don’t forget to send her your feedback. Help her learn new things and grow. She loves reading emails and you are shoot one anytime at ari@icarasia.com. She intently reads every praise and criticism as it helps her become better.