Find cars in a specific price bracket with Ari

If you have a budget, a very specific budget say RM 30,000 to RM 35,000. You want the best available car in that budget, naturally.

The problem is should you browse through all the cars and check their pricing individually? No, that will take too long.

You can make use of the advance pricing filters at our website, you will be given a detailed results page showcasing all the matching listings.

But of course with Ari, there is always an easier and more exciting way to do things.

Simply ask her, “Best cars between RM 30,000 to RM 35,000”

And voila, there you go. You will be taken to the largest car listings in ASEAN where you can cherry pick the car that suits you best and falls in your budget.

Let’s move onto another scenario,

You have RM 35,000 and you want to look at all cars that can be bought for less than RM 35,000. What do you do?

Of course ask Ari, “Best cars under RM 35,000” and she will list down everything she’s got.

As Ari learns new things she becomes more and more remarkable. Help us in making Ari your favorite car assistant. Provide us with your valuable feedback through the comments section.