Ari update: now you can compare different cars side by side

This week our brilliant Ari got even smarter. The ever self-learning wizard surprised us with yet another landmark: she can now give you comparisons between different cars in a heartbeat. All you have to do is say the word.

She is getting more flexible too, when hoping to get some cars’ details, I didn’t have to enter precise cars’ names. “Compare A4 and A6, please” and I got a link to a comparison page detailing the two Audi models.

Gone are the days when one has to go through the painful process of filling a lengthy form in order to get a quick (oxymoronic) comparison.

Hang on, we aren't done yet…

But hold on, Ari is not done giving you the comparison. When she gives you the comparison link she also asks “Want me to add another car to the comparison page?”

Again you only have to enter the car’s name and you will get another link. Now you can compare three cars side by side in great detail, with virtually every possible information about the cars.

In mere seconds you can get all the comparisons you need.  

From expert ratings and engine specifications to fuel consumption and pricing, it's all there.

But why compare different cars?

Whenever I am buying a car, I like to browse through options. My advice to you is; always look through different choices. You should never buy a car without proper research. More often than not you will find that a particular car that looks great in pictures is lacking in specifications that you’d like to have.

In today’s technology dominated world, it makes no sense to visit a car retailer to look at different models. You can do it online. Even online you don’t have to fill out search forms. These are great times to be alive.

How Ari serves you

The thing about artificial intelligence is to give you information that you seek in a more personal way. That is step one. Step two is give you information that you need but haven’t asked for.

There are many things circling your mind that you cannot pen down when doing research. Ari provides you with a set of options, she thinks like a human, she thinks like you.

She will give you recommendations based on your needs. She will identify what else you might be interested in, based on your searching mindset.

Developing AI has one goal only; to eliminate machine-like output. To give you personalized recommendations based on information you provided along with intelligent guesses.

That’s all for this week, have a great time Ari-ing your way to car searching like never before.

If you have any ideas, suggestions and recommendations for Ari, any criticism, do let us know in the comment section below. We’d love to hear from you. It has always been about you and only you.

See you next week with more Ari updates. Adios.