Ari says don’t take breaking systems of cars lightly

Brake can be simply called a mechanical device that stops motion. However, when it comes to cars, it is very complicated. Breaking system is a safety measure, effectively. Breaking system is very important in any vehicle.

A breaking system is something you should never compromise on. All modern cars have good breaking systems these days. So you don’t have to worry about that a lot. Still… It is good to be safe. Right?

With Ari surprising us on daily basis by learning new and incredible things; she has more in store for us. She can now recommend you cars based on their excellent breaking system. How she does it, I don’t really know.

But what I know is that she has access to millions of cars and their features. She uses advance algorithms to calculate various characteristics. When she comes to any conclusion, it is rock solid – you can count on it.

So it is about time you had a conversation with Ari about breaking systems in cars. Honestly, you will learn a lot.

Also, generically speaking, Ari uses the advanced algorithms of iCar Data – our brand new product, combined with her own knowledge of cars to bring forth the most suitable vehicles for you.

Ari was overwhelmed by your emails last week. Some of you had excellent suggestions for her. Let’s continue the trend of interacting with Ari. Email her at