Ari knows which cars have the best build

A car’s framework or body built is as important as anything. And let’s be honest, modern cars often do not have the same solid build we saw in the 80s and 90s. Modern cars are physically more fragile.

In order to find a car with a solid frame, you need to do a lot of research. You’d have to practically make yourself an expert in order to find out the suitable build. There are so many things that makes a car’s body strong.

The car’s engine and weight should be proportionate. Imagine if the car has too much steel and a meekly engine to carry it around – it won’t work.

So either you can make yourself “an expert” through lengthy research or you can turn to Ari. As you know she is always there for you.

Ask her “show me the cars with best bodies” and she will list down her recommendations before you can blink. You can trust her recommendations as she has iCar Data’s unique insights. With any query you put in front of Ari, she keeps everything including pricing, resale and affordability in mind. She will only give you the top-most option.  

I am going to leave you and Ari to decide your future car.

See you soon.  

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